Tuesday, 10 October 2017

NEW Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipsticks Swatches (All shades)

Rimmel London just launched the new Stay Matte Liquid Matte Lip Colour. These liquid lipsticks are claimed to provide high intensity color with a velvety matte finish. They sent me this lovely package with all of the shades from the collection.
Check out my video for lip swatches of all 14 shades:

For shade reference: I'm NC40-NC42 in MAC
  • Bold color with just one stroke
  • Kiss-proof, waterproof & touch-proof
  • Velvety matte finish
  • Long lasting up to 12HR wear
  • Unbelievably comfortable, lightweight texture

They're available in 14 shades:
  • 720 Moca
  • 710 Latte to go
  • 700 Be my baby
  • 500 Fire Starter
  • 210 Rose & Shine
  • 200 Pink Blink
  • 110 Blush
  • 100 Pink Bliss
  • 850 Shadow
  • 840 Pitch Black
  • 830 Blue Iris
  • 820 Heartbeat
  • 810 Plum this show
  • 800 Midnight 

Arm swatches of all 14 shades
720 Moca
I really like this one!
710 Latte to go
I didn't like this shade on me and I noticed it didn't apply evenly. 
700 Be my baby
I can make this work with a lip liner for my skin tone.
500 Fire Starter
This is one of my favorites from the collection! I LOVE this color and the formula is nice too.
210 Rose & Shine
This is such a pretty pink shade.
200 Pink Blink
This is a lighter but warmer pink shade and it still works without a lip liner.
110 Blush
I didn't like this one. The formula wasn't as bad as 710 Latte to go but I don't
like the way it looks on my skin tone.
100 Pink Bliss
This is a beautiful summer pink shade!
850 Shadow
I rarely buy these type of shades but I was surprisingly very impressed with the
formula of it. It applied so beautifully.
840 Pitch Black
I personally don't like black lipsticks on me but the formula was good.
It applied evenly.
830 Blue Iris
I personally don't like this shade on me and I wish it was more opaque. It
didn't apply evenly compared to most of the other shades from the
820 Heartbeat
This bright pink lipstick
810 Plum this show
I like the color but I felt like this one had more of a sheen to it, which I'm
personally not a fan of with these type of shades.
800 Midnight
This was slightly patchy but I'm not surprised with these type of shades.
It reminds me a lot of Kat Von D Exorcism.
Application: I found most of the shades applied very easily and evenly except for 110, 830 and 800. They do take some time to completely dry down but once they're dry, there is very minimal transfer. They feel comfortable on the lips and don't feel too drying.
Finish: They're claimed to a velvety matte finish. If you're looking for lipsticks that are completely matte, then you might not like these since most of them do have a sheen to them, which is more noticeable with certain shades (110, 810, 820, 840). On the other hand, the following shades look very close to being matte lipsticks: 720, 700, 500 and 850.
Wear time: These last on the lips for about 4-5 hours without food before they start to fade away. However, if you eat they do start to come off but I like how they fade away beautifully and they don't leave that film on the lips.
  • Easy to apply
  • Pigmented
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable on lips
  • Very minimal transfer
  • Strong scent - I really don't like the scent of these lipsticks. I'm sensitive to scents and this one has a very strong scent to them and I can't describe the scent but I don't like it.

Monday, 18 September 2017


KKW Beauty Powder Contour & Highlight Kit retails for $52 USD and contains 30 grams (1.04 oz) of product. I live in Montreal, Canada, so I paid about $86.54 CAD. It's claimed to be buildable and easy to blend.


I really like the color of the packaging. It comes in a big and the contour kit also has matching box that it comes in.
  • 2 matte contour shades (15 grams of product / 0.52 oz )
  • 2 shimmer highlight shades (layer both for intense glow) (15 grams of product / 0.52 oz )
  • Dual-ended brush (angled brush for contour and rounded brush for highlighter)
I got the kit in Medium and wasn't sure if the shades will complement my medium/deep skin tone but surprisingly most of them worked well. I loved the yellow/gold highlighter! For shade reference, I'm in NC40-NC42 in MAC. 
  • Highlight I - Soft Yellow Gold
  • Highlight II - Champagne Pink
  • Contour I - Warm Honey
  • Contour II - Natural Tan 
From left to right: Highlight I, Highlight II, Contour I & Contour II
Overall Impression
I think it's a good kit but it's overpriced. I wish she didn't include the brush because I really didn't like it and I doubt I will be using it in the future. As for the contour and highlight shades, I do feel like the highlight shades are better. They apply beautifully and blend well. 
As for the contour shades, I do feel like they don't blend as well as I expected them to especially with the brush that comes with the kit. I noticed applying with the brush just made it look patchy but the contour shades ended up working well with my other brushes. There's also a lot of fallout with the contour shades and a lot of the product gets on the brushes. 
I do regret paying this much for a kit especially since I had to pay shipping but I've been using it a lot lately. I doubt I will be using the brush though.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Becca Ultimate Coverage Foundation Demo/Review

Becca Ultimate Coverage Foundation is claimed to be a full-coverage weightless liquid foundation. It retails for $44 USD ($53 CAD) and it's available in 20 shades. I received a lovely PR package from Becca Cosmetics with 5 foundations and I swatched all the shades and filmed a review using the shade Café.

Here's a demo and review of it. I also tested it out for 6.5 hours. I have combination/oily skin and for shade reference I'm in NC40-NC42 in MAC.
Product Claims
  • Full Coverage
  • Weightless
  • Ideal for all skin types 
  • Formulated with a balance of 21 percent pure pigment and 22 percent water
  • Enriched with high concentrations of pigment and water—achieving coverage without the cake 

    Here are the swatches the following 5 shades: 
    1. Bamboo - dark tan beige, yellow/golden undertones 
    2. Fawn - dark tan beige, warm/red undertones
    3. Café - light tan beige, neutral to warm undertones
    4. Amber - deep tan, warm/red undertones  
    5. Maple (previously Tobacco) - dark golden, neutral to warm undertones
    Here are some of the foundations that match me well: Shade ReferenceI don't own any MAC foundation but I should be around NC40-NC42 in MAC. Click here for my blog post with list of foundations that are good match for my skin tone.
    MAC NC40/MAC NC42/Indian/Pakistani/Brown/Deep/Tan Skin
    If you have oily skin, you will love this foundation. I have oily t-zone and I was quite impressed at how I didn't look oily by end of the day. I've tested it out for 6.5 hours in this video but I've also tested it out for 12 hours and got the same result. If you have dry skin, then I'd recommend getting a sample before buying it because it can feel slightly drying.  
    It's very pigmented and long wearing. It provides a great coverage but I personally don't like to build it up too much because it can easily end of looking cakey. It has a natural finish and it photographs well. It doesn't cling on dry patches but can feel slightly drying.
    Photo with flash 
    • Finish: Semi-matte 
    • Coverage: Medium to Full Coverage
    • Wear time: I tested it out for 6.5 hours in the video. I have oily t-zone but I noticed I didn't look oily by end of the day. I've also worn it at work a couple of times and the foundation looks good by end of the day and I was quite impressed by that.
    Photo taken without flash after 6.5 hours
    • Application: I prefer applying it with beautyblender but I also liked the application with stippling brush. I do recommend using less product but it can easily end up looking cakey. Also, I do recommend applying a hydrating primer or a lot of moisturizer before because it can feel dry sometimes. In the video, I used Becca Velvet Blurring Primer - Perfecting Base on one side and noticed the application was better and I had a luminous glow, which I love. 

    Friday, 25 August 2017

    Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup SPF 30

    icon icon
    Here's a demo and review of Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (Honey Bronze 4W1). I also tested it out for 8.5 hours. I have combination/oily skin and for shade reference I'm in NC40-NC42 in MAC.
    Product Claims
    • 24-hour staying power
    • Lightweight
    • Oil-Free
    • Oil-controlling  
    • Buildable Formula
    • Fragrance-Free and Non-Acnegenic 
      • Finish: Satin
      • Coverage: Light to Medium Coverage
      Left: With foundation
      Right: Without foundation
      • Wear time: I tested it out for 8.5 hours. I have oily t-zone and it gets oily throughout the day but it wasn't as bad as other foundations. It did slightly fade away though.
      Photo taken without flash in natural daylight
      There are currently 12 shades available at Sephora but they will be expanding their range. The shades are the same for both foundations. However, in Stay-in-Place, I have the shade Cashew 3W2 (medium to golden warm beige) and in Nude Water Fresh Foundation, I got the shade Honey Bronze 4W1 (warm, golden undertones). If you're not sure what shade to get, check out my blog post where I listed MAC shades and videos by other YouTubers wearing all the shades. 
      Left: Honey Bronze 4W1Right: Cashew 3W2 

      Here are some of the foundations that match me well: Shade ReferenceI don't own any MAC foundation but I should be around NC40-NC42 in MAC. Click here for my blog post with list of foundations that are good match for my skin tone.

      MAC NC40/MAC NC42/Indian/Pakistani/Brown/Deep/Tan Skin

      Monday, 24 July 2017

      Easy Summer Glam Makeup Tutorial

      Products Mentioned
      Brushes Mentioned