Friday, 21 March 2014

VIB Welcome Kit 2014

You need to spend at least $350 CAD in a calendar year (January to December). This doesn't include taxes, shipping or gift cards. Also, annual re-qualification is required. So you have to spend $350 the following year to be able to keep the status.

What's included?
VIB member card (this replaces your beauty insider card) 
10% off on your next purchase (In store only)
Complimentary makeup (45-minute makeover) 

How to get the Welcome Kit?
  • In store: You can simply get it in store without purchasing anything. If it's in stock, they will give it to you. She asked me for the beauty insider card.
  • Online: You need to purchase something online to receive the welcome kit. You should be able to see the welcome kit in the "beauty insider" section of the order. If you don't see it, then call Sephora Customer service: 1 (877) 737-4672.
I actually a hard time getting hold of the welcome kit. I went to Sephora near my house but I only got the VIB card but not the welcome kit. I called Sephora to find out how to get it by ordering online because I couldn't figure out how to do so. The representative said that she would have to manually add it and then place the order but then, she said the welcome kit was out of stock.

I messaged Sephora on Facebook and they said it was in stock but I decided to check another store before placing an order on phone. Lucky for me, I got the VIB welcome kit at one of the stores.


How is it different from Beauty Insiders?
    • You get coupons of $20 off on minimum purchases of $50 instead of $15
    • Have access to yearly Chic Week Sale before beauty insiders: 15% during (usually in April)
    • VIB/VIB Rouge Sale: 20% off during Holiday Sale (usually in November). 

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