Wednesday, 6 August 2014

VIB Rouge Reception Event

Canada: August 6th 2014

This was my first VIB Rouge event, so wasn't too sure what to expect. I knew it was a closed-door event and VIB Rouge members can bring a friend to shop and earn double, triple or quadruple points (depending on the tier). Click here for more information about the event and the points promotion that they have from August 4th to August 10th 2014.

My best friend came with me and she's a beauty insider too, so she earned double the points on her purchases.


Check out my video on the event: 


We arrived on time (7 PM) and we were greeted at the entrance. I simply told them my name and she handed us our name tags and baskets.


Refreshment Table
Right next to the entrance, there was a refreshment table, which included snacks and drinks: cupcakes, pastry, fruit, granola bars, Starbucks coffee and mini bottles of water.

We each grabbed a cupcake and mini bottle of water.


My friend wanted a foundation and one of the sale associates helped her find one that she was quite pleased with: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. That's a foundation that I'm interested in buying but I'm going to wait and see how my friend likes it. Then we headed to Nars section and picked out their concealer mainly to use for highlight. The associate at Nars was very helpful. She helped us out so much! 
As we browsed through the store, we were approached by a couple of sales associates who either helped us out or gave us samples. 
Here are a couple of samples we got: 
My favorite was the Giorgio Armani EYES TO KILL mascara. Can't wait to try it out!


I got a cosmetic bag filled with samples and VIB Rouge Tote Bag with minimum purchase of $50 (Canadian Dollar). Since my friend was a beauty insider, she earned double the points, while I earned quadruple the points.


My purchases
I had initially made a list of 3-4 things that I needed. I didn't want to spend too much because I had already spent a lot during the Chic Week Sale and I'm waiting for the Holiday Sale (20% off) to splurge. Click here for more information about Sephora Sales.
That being said, I tried to spend about $50 in-store because I wanted the cosmetic bag with samples but honestly, I couldn't even find some of the stuff that I've seen online, so ended up getting:
I was missing $4 to reach the minimum requirement, so paid an item for my friend. That worked out great! I also redeemed 500 points for Benefit Hotrageous Hits! which includes deluxe samples of: 

I prefer shopping online because the new products aren't always available in stores and I can choose a deluxe sample and samples. I also get cash back from Ebates* by shopping online (usually 4% but sometimes it's 8%).
*I love Ebates! I've gotten 15% off once by shopping online at Dynamite Clothing. You have to have a minimum amount of $5 to receive credit. You can either get a cheque mailed to you or have it transferred to your PayPal account. You receive the credit every 3 months (Feb 15; May 15; Aug 15; Nov 15). 

VIB Rouge Tote Bag

The VIB Rouge tote bag is a reusable bag and the fact that it's red, it just makes it even better!


Cosmetic bag

The cosmetic bag came with 8 samples (mostly deluxe samples), which was pretty good.


More Samples

I got an extra bag with lip product samples! I don't think they gave it to all VIB Rouge members. I actually asked for cosmetic bag but the employee thought I was asking for this bag. Anyway, long story short: I ended up getting both of the bags with samples, so I'm very happy.


I tried Marc Jacobs Lip Lock Moisture Balm and I love it! So moisturizing!
Overall Experience

I love how I got so many samples and barely shopped! I love samples especially deluxe samples. I have so many of them and sometimes I don't even need to buy the full-size products because I keep on getting them (i.e. Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Mascara and Watt's Up!). I also like trying out new products, so I'm happy with these type of events.

I can't wait for Holiday Sale (20%), which should be in November (my birthday month). There should be a closed-door for VIB Rouge then as well, so looking forward to it.


  1. I am going to one of these events tomorrow with a friend as a guest. Do the guest also get to get a bag full of samples?

    1. Yes the guest should getting one as well as long as he/she is beauty insider :) I read the terms and it says: " Guests of VIB Rouge who are Beauty Insiders are also eligible to redeem at the event."