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Anastasia Beverly Hills Single Eye Shadows

The wait is finally over! Anastasia Beverly Hills finally launched 84 shades of eyeshadows yesterday (November 18th). So if ever you had bought any of the palettes before and wanted to restock on some of the colors or you always wanted some of the popular shades (Sienna, Orange Soda), then here's your chance. UPDATE: Most of the shades are now available at Sephora and Ulta.
UPDATE: I have swatches of 39 shades on my YouTube channel:


Each eye shadow retails for $12 USD and contains 0.059 oz (1.7g) of product (slightly more than MAC eyeshadows that contain 0.5 oz). UPDATE: Price of MAC eyeshadows has dropped. MAC eyeshadows now retail for $6 USD.

However, you do pay less if you buy in a bundle of 4 or 8:
    • 4 eye shadows (No palette): $40 ($10 per eyeshadow)
    • 8 eye shadows (generic palette included): $70 ($8.75 per eyeshadow)
Screenshot taken from Anastasia Beverly Hills website
  • Shipping: 
    • United States: Free shipping over $25 
    • Canada & International: $17.95  
  • 10% coupon  
    • You get 10% off on your first order! Just sign up and they will send you an email with coupon code. Click here to create an account.
Price comparison with MAC eyeshadows 
  • In terms of size, MAC contains slightly less product than ABH eyeshadows:
    • Single MAC eyeshadow: 0.5 oz (1.5 g) 
    • Single Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow: 0.59 oz (1.7 g)
  • MAC refill eyeshadow pans cost $10 USD each but if you buy palette, it costs more, so they're charging you more for the palette. On the contrary, Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Shadow Singles cost less if you buy in bundle of 4 or 8.

Formula/Shade Guide

The shades are divided into eight formulas:

Titanium, Duo-Chrome, Ultra-Matte, Metallic, Satin, Shimmer, Sparkle and Velvet.
Photo from Anastasia Beverly Hills website


This is described as a "highly-pigmented metallic shadow with a smooth texture and intense multidimensional shimmer." You can apply it wet for a pure liquid-metal finish.
9 Shades: Chocolate, Icy, Mermaid, Metal, Midnight, Pink Champagne, Rosette, Truffle Glitter, Wine.
Photo from Anastasia Beverly Hills website


Duo Chrome

This is described as a "high-intensity formula with color shifting, prismatic iridescence."

6 Shades: Blushing, China Rose, Dragonfly, Electro, Iridescent Purple, Opaline.


This is described as a "blendable suede-like formula that provides a smooth, opaque matte finish."
26 Shades: Ash Brown, Beauty Mark, Birkin, Blanc, Bone, Burnt Orange Matte, Caramel, Cream, Day Rate, Deep Brown, Deep Plum, Fawn, Fresh, Hot Chocolate, Morocco, Noir, Nude, Orange Soda, Red Earth, Rich Brown, Sienna, Smoke, Soft Peach, Stone, Violet, Warm Taupe
Photo from Anastasia Beverly Hills website

You can watch Norvina's video as she goes through the shades:

YouTube channel: Norvina Sun

This is described as a "rich, velvety formula that provides a high-shine finish."

13 Shades: Brownie, Denim, Emerald, Frosted Lilac, Glisten, Gold Rush, Metallic, Moss, Penny Metal, Rose, Soft Gold, Touch of Lilac, Victorian. 

Photo from Anastasia Beverly Hills website

This is described as a "luminous formula that provides decadent color with a silk-like finish."
Shades: 10K, Bling, Chai, Custom, Gem, Ice Blue, Lime Green, Pose, Sangria, Star Blue, Suede, Topaz, Vibrant Pink.
Photo from Anastasia Beverly Hills website

This is described as a "light-reflective, finely-milled formula that provides a lustrous finish."
8 Shades: Aqua, Cooper Shimmer, Fresh Green, Gold Bar, Legend, Teal Shimmer, Truffle, Utopia (Currently I don't think they're selling Blush & Venezia).

Photo from Anastasia Beverly Hills website

You can watch Norvina's video as she goes through all 8 shades:

YouTube channel: Norvina Sun

This is described as a "smooth formula with light-reflecting particles that provide a dazzling finish."

4 Shades: Black Diamond, Dark Chocolate Shimmer, Night Sky, Rich Velvet
Photo from Anastasia Beverly Hills website

This is described as a "weightless formula with a buttery texture and soft sheen."
5 Shades: Bengal, Dusty Rose, Fresh Peach, RTW (Ready to wear), Vanilla
Photo from Anastasia Beverly Hills website
You can watch Norvina's video as she goes through the velvet shades (starting at 9:30)

YouTube channel: Norvina Sun


I've listed down below the shades of the following palettes: Amrezy, Lavish, Tamanna and Maya Mia. However, Tamanna & Maya Mia palettes are currently sold on Anastasia Beverly Hills website, so try to get your hands on them if you can because they offer much better value than if you were to buy them individually. 
Each palette costs $29 USD and contains 10 eyeshadows (0.025 oz each). So palette contains total of 0.25 oz of product, which is about 5 individual shadows ($52 if you get bundle of 4 shadows & 1 individual). I already had Tamanna palette, so I went ahead and bought Maya Mia one.

Amrezy Palette
You can buy individual pans for all of the shades except LBD! I hope it will be sold individually later on because I really wanted to buy it!
  • Shades available in singles:  
    • Legend: Buttery gold with white pearl (Shimmer) 
    • Glisten: Shimmery beige (Metallic)  
    • Topaz: Bronze gold (Satin)
    • Iridescent Purple: Purple with blue iridescence (Duo-Chrome)
    • Emerald: Rich emerald green (Metallic) 
    • Vanilla: Buttery white (Velvet) 
    • Caramel: Warm medium brown (Ultra-Matte)
    • Morocco: Brick (Ultra-Matte)
    • Deep Plum: Deep maroon (Ultra-Matte) 
  • Shades that caught my eye: Glisten, Iridescent Purple, Emerald, Vanilla, Caramel, Morocco & Deep Plum

Lavish Palette
You can buy individual pans of almost all of these shades except Antique, Rum Cake, Ballet and Pink Sapphire. I'm not sure if these will be sold later on but at the moment, I can't find them online.
  • Shades available in singles:  
    • Cream: Peachy Ivory (Ultra-Matte)
    • Moss: Sage green (Metallic) 
    • Truffle: Warm medium brown (Shimmer)
    • Orange Soda: Pastel peach (Ultra-Matte)
    • Sienna: Red brown (Ultra-Matte)
    • Black Diamond: Black with gold sparkle (Sparkle)  
  • Shades that caught my eye: Orange Soda, Sienna and Black Diamond
Photo by Pink-Blush

Tamanna Palette

I have this palette and I love it! Click here for my review on it. You can buy individual pans of almost all of these shades except Blush, Venezia and Glided. I'm not sure if these will be sold later on but at the moment, I can't find them online.
  • Shades available in singles:  
    • Fresh: Ivory pink (Ultra-Matte) 
    • Custom: Lilac taupe gray (Satin)
    • Sangria: Rich cranberry wine (Satin) 
    • Bengal: Warm peachy brown (Velvet)
    • Chocolate: Warm dark brown with heavy shipper (Titanium)
    • China Rose: Rosy peach (Duo Chrome) 
    • Noir: Deep Carbon Black (Ultra-Matte)  
  • My recommended shades from this palette: Sangria, Bengal, Chocolate, China Rose and noir.

Maya Mia Palette

You can buy individual pans for all of the shades! 
  • Shades available in singles:  
    • Nude: Ashy-Nude (Ultra-Matte) 
    • Deep Brown: Deep chocolate brown (Ultra-Matte)
    • Sienna: Red brown (Ultra-Matte)
    • Warm Taupe: Taupe brown (Ultra-Matte) 
    • Vanilla: Buttery white (Velvet)
    • Aqua: Light aqua blue (Shimmer) 
    • Fresh Peach: Coral peach (Velvet) 
    • Glisten: Shimmery beige (Metallic)  
    • Caramel: Warm medium brown (Ultra-Matte)
    • Gold Bar: Cool yellow gold with pearl (Shimmer)  
  • Shades that caught my eye: Deep brown, Sienna, Vanilla, Glisten, Caramel and Gold Bar. 

My picks
Since I have Tamanna palette, I decided to order Maya Mia mainly because of the following shades: Vanilla, Gold Bar, Caramel, Sienna and Deep brown. 
I also ordered a palette of 8 shades that aren't in the Tamanna and Maya Mia palettes: 10K, Metallic, Orange Soda, Emerald, Iridescent Purple, Deep Plum, Sparkle and Black Diamond.  
Shades from Maya Mia Palette

Vanilla - Buttery white (Velvet)

Gold Bar - Cool yellow gold with pearl (Shimmer)

Caramel - Warm medium brown (Ultra Matte)

Sienna - Red brown (Ultra Matte)

Deep Brown - Deep chocolate brown (Ultra Matte)

Shades that I bought individually

10K- Satin Wheat Gold (Satin)

Metallic - Brassy metallic gold (Metallic)

Orange Soda - Pastel peach (Ultra Matte)

Emerald - Rich emerald green (Metallic)

Iridescent Purple - Purple with blue iridescence (Duo Chrome)

Deep Plum - Deep maroon  (Ultra Matte)
Night Sky - Black with silver sparkle (Sparkle)

Black Diamond - Black with gold sparkle (Sparkle)

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