Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Maybelline Creamy Mattes available in Canada

I've been hearing nothing but good things about these lipsticks and I kept checking my local stores to see if they were available in Canada yet. Well, the wait is finally over because they've finally made it to Canada!! I found mine at my local drugstore (Jean-Coutu) but these are also available in Shoppers Drug Mart (aka Pharmaprix in Montreal).
Display at Jean-Coutu
There are in total of 10 shades sold in U.S. but only 8 of them are available in Canada:
Nude Embrace 650
Daringly Nude 655
Touch of Spice 660
Lush for Blush 665
Faint For Fuchsia 675
Mesmerizing Magenta 680
Craving Coral 685
Siren in Scarlet 690
We're missing the shades Ravishing Rose Divine Wine. I actually had my eye on Divine wine, so I'm disappointed it's not sold in Canada.
Photo from Maybelline website
Price & Swatches
I picked up 4 shades (about $8 each with taxes):
Mesmerizing Magenta
Faint For Fuchsia
Siren in Scarlet
Touch of Spicy

Review coming up
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