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Anastasia Beverly Hills Single Eye Shadows (Swatches + Review)

Anastasia Beverly Hills single eye shadows were launched on November 18th! There are about 84 shades and they're divided into 8 formulas: Titanium, Duo-Chrome, Ultra-Matte, Metallic, Satin, Shimmer, Velvet and Sparkle

UPDATE: Here's my updated video of swatches (38 shades)

Click here to see their full collection of eyeshadows. I will only go through 33 shades in this post.
Watch my video for review & swatches:

  • Each eye shadow retails for $12 USD and contains 0.059 oz (1.7g) of product (slightly more than MAC eyeshadows that contain 0.5 oz).  
  • You can also buy them in a bundle of 4 or 8 and pay less:
      • 4 eye shadows (No palette): $40 ($10 per eyeshadow)
      • 8 eye shadows (generic palette included): $70 ($8.75 per eyeshadow)
  • Shipping: 
    • United States: Free shipping over $25 
    • Canada & International: $17.95  
  • 10% coupon  
    • You get 10% off on your first order! Just sign up and they will send you an email with coupon code.
Screenshot taken from Anastasia Beverly Hills website

Shades I own
So far I have 33 shades in total: 16 single eye shadows and the others are from the Tamanna & Maya Mia Palettes (some of the shades from palette aren't sod individually).

Described as a "highly-pigmented metallic shadow with a smooth texture and intense multidimensional shimmer" 
There are 9 shades but I only have 3 shades:
  1. Rosette: Rich Burgundy
  2. Wine: Peachy Cooper
  3. Chocolate: Warm dark brown with heavy shipper (Tamanna Palette)


Duo Chrome

Described as a "high-intensity formula with color shifting, prismatic iridescence."
There are 6 shades but I only have shades:
  1. Blushing: Rosy Lilac
  2. Iridescent Purple: Purple with Blue Iridescence
  3. China Rose: Rosy Peach (Tamanna Palette)
You can spray water or fix plus to create a more metallic finish. This will give you a better color payoff. 


Described as a "blendable suede-like formula that provides a smooth, opaque matte finish." 
There are 26 shades but I only have 10 shades:
  1. Nude: Ashy-Nude (Maya Mia Palette)
  2. Fresh: Ivory Pink (Tamanna Palette)
  3. Warm Taupe: Taupe brown (Maya Mia Palette)
  4. Orange Soda: Pastel Peach
  5. Caramel: Warm medium brown (Maya Mia Palette)
  6. Morocco: Brick
  7. Deep Plum: Deep Maroon
  8. Deep Brown: Deep chocolate brown (Maya Mia Palette)
  9. Sienna: Red brown (Maya Mia Palette)
  10. Noir: Deep Carbon Black (Tamanna Palette)
Recommended shades: Sienna, Noir & Morocco
Fresh is a nice subtle shade for bone highlight but I prefer MAC Shroom or Ricepaper. I personally wouldn't buy it as single eyeshadow. I mainly use it before it's in Tamanna palette.



Described as a "rich, velvety formula that provides a high-shine finish".
There are 13 shades but I only have 3 shades:

  1. Emerald: Rich Emerald Green
  2. Metallic: Brassy Metallic Gold
  3. Glisten: Shimmery beige (Maya Mia Palette)


There are 15 shades but I only have shades:
  1. 10K: Wheat Gold 
  2. Custom: Lilac taupe gray (Tamanna Palette)
  3. Sangria: Rich cranberry wine (Tamanna Palette)

There are 15 shades but I only have 4 shades:
  1. Legend: Buttery gold with white pearl
  2. Truffle: Warm medium brown
  3. Gold Bar: Cool yellow gold with pearl (Maya Mia Palette)
  4. Aqua: Light aqua blue (Maya Mia Palette)



Described as a "weightless formula with a buttery texture and soft sheen."

There are 5 shades but I have all except dusty rose:
  1. RTW: Peachy fawn
  2. Bengal: Warm peachy brown
  3. Fresh Peach: Coral peach
  4. Vanilla: Buttery white


Described as a "smooth formula with light-reflecting particles that provide a dazzling finish."

There are 4 shades but I have all except dark chocolate shimmer:
  1. Rich Velvet: Burgundy with silver sparkle
  2. Black Diamond: Black with gold Sparkle
  3. Night Sky: Black with silver sparkle 


Overall Impression
I really like Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadows! They're quite comparable to MAC eyeshadows!
  • Some of them do have some fallout (mostly shimmer and sparkle shades), while the others barely have any.
  • Some the shades are quite pigmented especially the darker ones. 
  • For the most part, these eyeshadows are easy to blend. Shades such as Chocolate and Noir or shimmery shades can be harder to blend though.
Recommended shades: Sienna, Noir, Morocco, Emerald
Are they worth it? Yes, if you are buying in a palette because you will save more. However, I wouldn't buy them at $12 each. I find that it's a little too pricey. 

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