Thursday, 29 January 2015

Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks Review

Gerard Cosmetics is well known for its extensive collection of glosses that have have LED lights. However, I was more interested in their lipsticks, so I got four of them: Nude1995Fire Engine & Cherry Cordial.
Each lipstick retails for $19 USD but they do have a lot of promotions (30% off + free shipping) and many beauty gurus offer discount codes (Jacklyn Hill, Laura Lee, etc.). I bought mine during Black Friday sale and paid $39 USD (shipping included), which came up to about $45 CAD. I was quite impressed with how fast they shipped them! I didn't pay any duties but I know some people did.

You can watch my video for lip swatches. I've used lip liners to outline my lips. I also have a Giveaway going on until February 20th 2014.

Here are the swatches on my hand:

This is just like their nude lip gloss but in a lipstick form. It's full coverage.

I feel like it doesn't complement my skin tone if I apply it alone, so I like to apply it on top of the shade 1995. Here's how it looks on my lips with liner (MAC Whirl):

This is Jaclyn Hill's signature lipstick. 

I find it's a nice nude shade for my skin tone.

Fire Engine
This is classic red lipstick!

Cherry Cordial
This is the darkest shade they have. It has a rich berry undertone and it can be born as a sheer stain or an opaque satin lipstick. The formula reminds me a lot of MAC Rebel. It leaves a stain, which stays even the following day.

It's my favorite shade from Gerard Cosmetics! If you like vampy lips, I'd definitely recommend this one. I use MAC lip liner Vino with it (MAC Nightmoth would be great too).  
I find the formula is comparable to MAC lipsticks. Shades like 1995 and Nude have matte finish (not completely matte though), while Cherry Cordial is more sheer and you can build it up for a more satin finish.

These lipsticks do transfer a little but not too much. I don't find these are long wearing at least on my lips but neither are MAC lipsticks. They're very creamy and easy to apply. 
The only thing that bothers me is the smell. I only notice the smell when I apply it but once it's on, I barely notice it. 
As for packaging, I do love the fact that it's gold. Although it has a very similar shape to a MAC lipstick, it's not as sturdy and feels more plasticy.

    Are they worth it?

    Each lipstick retails for $19 USD each, which is more than MAC lipstick ($16 USD). I wouldn't spend that much on these lipsticks at all because they're certainly not worth that much. However, they do have a lot of promotions (usually 30% to 40% and sometimes with free shipping), so you can check their Instagram.
    In my opinion, these are worth no more than $13 and I personally wouldn't pay more than $10 because that's how much I paid. I'd recommend calculating it and seeing how much each lipstick will come up to. The more you buy, the more likely you will save though. 

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