Friday, 23 October 2015

Kat Von D Lolita Lip Duo


Kat Von D Lolita Lip Duo is now available on Sephora website. It retails for $19.50 USD ($23.50 CAD) and it will be available in stores on November 6th. The set includes 2 deluxe size (0.10 oz each) lipsticks in shades Lolita (chestnut rose) and Lolita II (chestnut brick pink).
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Lolita II is a new shade  (full size should be releasing December). However, this isn't the original Lolita shade that has been discontinued. That one should be available next year and it will be called Lolita OG.
Here's a closeup swatch of Lolita II: 
Closeup swatch of Lolita II
A full size lipstick retails for $20 USD ($24 CAD) and contains 0.22 oz of product, so you do get slightly less product in this set that contains 0.20 oz of product in total. However, you pay $0.50 less for the duo set and get both of the shades. icon
Full size Lolita on the left and 2 deluxe samples of Lolita & Lolita II

Here are swatches of both of the shades:
Swatches of Lolita & Lolita 2
Here's a lip swatch of Lolita II: 
Here's a lip swatch of Lolita II: 
You can also watch my video for lip swatches:

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