Sunday, 4 October 2015

Too Faced Holiday Sets 2015


Price: $58 USD ($72 CAD

  • 18 eye shadows (1.11 oz) 
    • 3 x 0.07 oz eyeshadow in White Christmas, Satin Sheets, Vintage Lace 
    • 15 x 0.06 oz eyeshadow in Delightful, Moon on Their Wings, Cobblestone, City Lights, Dreamlight, String of Lights, Yule Log, Wish List, Arc de Triomphe, Belle Femme, Stiletto, Eiffel, Midnight in Paris, Champs Elysees, Party Dress 
  • 2 blushes (0.16 oz)
    • 2 x 0.08 oz blush in Stardust & Skyline 
  • Bronzer - Sun Bunny (0.08 oz)
  • Highlighter/Luminizer - Flush (0.08 oz)
  • Deluxe Better Than Sex mascara (0.17 oz) 
    • Full size contains 0.28 oz and retails for $23 ($30 CAD)  
  • Deluxe Melted Lipstick - Melted Peony (0.16 oz)
    • Full size contains 0.40 oz and retails for $21 ($25 CAD)  
  • Deluxe Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer (0.17 oz) 
    • Full size contains 0.35 oz and retails for $20 ($24 CAD)  

Price: $49 USD ($62 CAD

  • 18 eye shadows (0.72 oz) 
    • 18 x 0.04 oz eyeshadow in Amour, Fleur, Je t'aime, Moi, Cheri, Tout Sweet, Pot Du Crème, Fifi, Le Femme, Bonjour, Merci, Oui, Le Marais, Rendezvous, Provence, Parfait, Tres Chic, Noir 
  • Bronzer in Jolie
  • Blush in Mademoiselle & Tres Fab 
  • Deluxe Better Than Sex mascara (0.17 oz) 
    • Full size contains 0.28 oz and retails for $23 ($30 CAD)  
Price: $36 USD ($45 CAD)
Blush Shades: Love Hangover, Justify My Love, Your Love is King
Melted Lipstick Shades: Nude, Peony, Fig
Set includes 3 deluxe Love Flush Long Lasting Blushes (0.07 oz each) with 3 coordinating deluxe Melted Lipsticks (0.16 oz each).
  • Full size Love Flush Blush retails for $26 USD ($32 CAD) and contains 0.21 oz (triple the size of a deluxe blush).  
  • Each lipstick retails for $21 USD ($25 CAD) and contains 0.40 oz.
Is it worth the price? Yes, you're getting in total 0.21 oz of blush, which is equivalent to a full size blush retailing $26 USD ($32 CAD). You also get 0.48 oz of lipstick, which is about 0.08 oz more than a full size Melted lipstick that retails for $21 USD ($25 CAD). If you were you to get a full size blush and a full size lipstick, you would end up paying $47 USD ($57), so you actually save $11 USD ($12 CAD) with this set and you get to try a number of shades.

The set consists of 3 individually packed gifts that each come with a blush and coordinating lipstick: 
  1. Blush in Love Hangover & Melted Lipstick in Nude 
  2. Blush in Justify My Love & Melted Lipstick in Peony 
  3. Blush in Your Love is King & Melted Lipstick in Fig
Price: $25 USD ($32 CAD)
Shades: Nude Beach, Taffy and WHAM!
Set includes 3 full-size La Crème lipsticks (0.11 oz each). Each lipstick is sold separately for $22 USD ($26 CAD) each.
Is it worth the price? Yes definitely! You actually pay $3 USD ($6 CAD) more than a full size lipstick and get 3 times the product. 
Price: $25 USD ($32 CAD)
Shades: Chihuahua, Berry, Metallic Peony and Metallic Macaron.
Set includes 4 deluxe size lipsticks (0.16 oz each). Two of them are Melted Liquified Lipsticks, while the other 2 are from Melted Metal collection. Full size lipstick retails for $21 USD ($25 CAD) each and contains 0.40 oz.
Is it worth the price? Yes, you're getting in total 0.64 oz of product for all 4 lipsticks and paying $4 USD ($7 CAD) more. You also get to try out 4 shades by paying slightly more, so I think this set is definitely worth it.
Price: $25 USD ($32 CAD)
  • Deluxe Chocolate Soleil Bronzer in Medium/Deep Matte (0.08 oz)
    • Full size contains 0.35 oz and retails for $30 ($38 CAD)
  • Deluxe Sun Bunny Bronzer in Natural (0.08 oz) 
    • Full size contains 0.35 oz and retails for $30 ($38 CAD)
  • 2 deluxe Love Flush Blushes in Love Hangover and Justify my Love (0.07 oz each, so in total 0.14 oz)
    • Full size contains 0.21 oz and retails for $26 ($32 CAD)
  • Cruelty-Free Teddy Bear Hair Flatbuki Brush
Is it worth the price? Yes, you get more product for the price and you get to try different products. Set retails for $25 USD ($32 CAD) but it has a total value of $55 USD ($70 CAD).

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