Saturday, 2 January 2016

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!! I wanted to show few clips from last year starting with my first video of 2015. It's crazy how much my videos evolved in a year. I also wanted to show some of my favorite moments of 2015 that I've been able to capture on camera. So much happened.. I started vlogging, my sister got married, I attended my first beauty event and more. I'm so grateful to have had an amazing year! I'm also very happy to have met so many lovely people and I got to connect with even more people here on YouTube, snapchat, Instagram, Twitter (you name it haha). Thank you so much for your constant support! It really means a lot! Love you all!! :)


  1. I loved this video! It was so cool to see all you've done/accomplished in a year. May 2016 be another awesome year for you! XO

    1. omg I'm sorry I just read this. Thank you so much love!! <3 I know this year will be amazing because I will get to meet you :D