Friday, 26 February 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer

It retails for $23 USD ($30 CAD).
    Check out my video for review/demo and comparison with brow wiz:

Brow Definer is a retractable pencil that's used to outline and fill in brows. The main feature is the triangular tip, which can help you create 3 different lines:
  • Thin: Use sharpest part of tip to create thin line
  • Medium: Back side of tip creates a medium line
  • Thick: Use it on its side to create thick line  icon

    You can sharpen it by placing the nib on back side of your hand and applying repeated pressure until you reach the desired tip. I personally wouldn't recommend it because you're losing product that way. At one point the tip broke while I was trying to sharpen it.
    It comes in 10 shades in total: 
  1. Blonde 
  2. Taupe 
  3. Soft brown 
  4. Auburn 
  5. Caramel
  6. Medium Brown
  7. Dark Brown 
  8. Chocolate 
  9. Granite 
  10. Ebony
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I'm in love with brow definer! It makes it so much easier to fill in brows and looks very natural. I think if you have sparse areas, then this is the best because you can easily fill them in. Ever since I got this, I rarely use any other brow products. 
I'd definitely recommend it but the only problem is it can easily break. I had to buy another one because the tip fell off. I wasted so much product but still ended up buying a new one because I just love it and wanted to give it another try. However, I'm very careful with it now. I try not to twist it up too much and I don't sharpen it because last time I tried sharpening it, the tip broke. 
    ABH Brow Definer vs Brow Wiz
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer
  • 0.007 oz - $23 ($30 CAD) 
  • 10 shades (Blonde being lightest)
  • Triangular tip
  • Bigger spoolie
  • Great for people with sparse areas
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz
  • 0.003 oz - $21 ($27 CAD)
  • 9 shades (Taupe being lightest)
  • Ultra-slim tip
  • Precise; great for people with full brows
  • Both of these are retractable pencils
  • Have the same formula
  • Each comes with a spoolie to blend the product but Brow Definer spoolie is bigger. 
  • Price/sizeBrow Wiz costs slightly less but contains less product.
  • Shades: Brow Definer has in total 10 shades, whereas Brow Wiz has 9. A lighter shade has been added (Blonde). 
  • Tip: Brow Definer has a triangular tip and can help you create 3 different lines, while Brow Wiz has an ultra-fine tip.  

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