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Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Singles

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Shadow Singles are now available at Sephora and Ulta. These can also be purchased on ABH website but I prefer ordering from Sephora since I live in Canada and I don't want to pay shipping/duty.
Each eye shadow retails for $12 USD ($16 CAD) and contains 0.059 oz (1.7g) of product (slightly more than MAC eyeshadows that contain 0.5 oz). Price of MAC eyeshadows has dropped. MAC individual eyeshadow pan now retails for $6 USD ($8 CAD) and contains 0.5 oz of product, so you get a bit less product and pay half the price of ABH eyeshadow. 
Palette of 4 eyeshadows retails for $40 ($10 per eyeshadow) and $52 CAD ($13 CAD per eyeshadow).
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Palette of 8 eyeshadows is available on ABH website for $80 ($8.75 each).
Shades Swatched
Check out my video for swatches of all 39 shades:
I have in total 39 shades that are available in singles (most of them were in the palettes I bought).
  1. Pink Champagne titanium pinky beige shimmer
  2. Wine titanium peachy copper 
  3. Rosette titanium burgundy shimmer
  4. Chocolate titanium warm dark brown with heavy shimmer
  5. Blushing duo-chrome rosy lilac
  6. China Rose duo-chrome rosy peach metallic
  7. Iridescent Purple duo-chrome purple with blue reflect
  8. Fresh ultra-matte ivory pink
  9. Soft Peach - ultra-matte nude coral peach 
  10. Nude ultra-matte ashy nude
  11. Warm Taupe ultra-matte warm soft brown
  12. Orange Soda ultra-matte pastel peach
  13. Morocco ultra-matte brick
  14. Caramel ultra-matte warm light brown
  15. Sienna ultra-matte earthy brown
  16. Hot Chocolate ultra-matte warm dark brown
  17. Fudge ultra-matte rich warm brown
  18. Deep Plum ultra-matte deep purple
  19. Noir ultra-matte deep carbon black
  20. Glisten metallic shimmery beige
  21. Metallic metallic brassy gold
  22. Emerald metallic rich forest green
  23. 10K satin wheat gold
  24. Intense Gaze satin warm bronzed pink
  25. Sangria satin iridescent cranberry
  26. Aubergine satin deep inky purple
  27. Custom - lilac taupe gray
  28. Legend shimmer buttery gold with white reflect
  29. Aqua shimmer light seafoam blue
  30. Truffle shimmer warm medium brown
  31. Gold Bar- shimmer cool yellow gold with pearl
  32. Rich Velvet sparkle burgundy with silver sparkle
  33. Night Sky - black with silver sparkle
  34. Black Diamond - black with gold sparkle
  35. Vanilla velvet buttery white 
  36. Bengal velvet warm peachy brown
  37. Dusty Rose velvet dusty lilac
  38. RTW velvet peachy fawn
  39. Fresh Peach - velvet coral peach
This is described as a "highly-pigmented metallic shadow with a smooth texture and intense multidimensional shimmer." You can apply it wet for a pure liquid-metal finish. icon
  1. Pink Champagne - pinky beige shimmer (World Traveler & Self-Made palette)
  2. Rosette burgundy shimmer
  3. Wine - peachy copper
  4. Chocolate - warm dark brown with heavy shimmer (Tamanna Palette)
Duo Chrome
This is described as a "high-intensity formula with color shifting, prismatic iridescence."
This is described as a "blendable suede-like formula that provides a smooth, opaque matte finish."
  1. Fresh ivory pink (Tamanna palette)
  2. Soft Peach nude coral peach (World Traveler palette)
  3. Nude ashy nude (Maya Mia palette)
  4. Warm Taupe warm soft brown (Maya Mia palette)
  5. Orange Soda pastel peach (Lavish palette)
  6. Caramel warm light brown (Maya Mia & Amrezy palette)
  7. Morocco brick (Amrezy & world traveler palette)
  8. Sienna earthy brown (Maya Mia palette)
  9. Hot Chocolate warm dark brown (Self Made palette)
  10. Fudge - rich warm brown (World Traveler palette)
  11. Deep Plum deep purple
  12. Noir deep carbon black (Tamanna & world traveler palette)

Shades: Fresh, Soft Peach, Nude, Warm Taupe & Orange Soda (left to right)

Shades: Orange Soda, Caramel, Morocco, Sienna,
 Hot Chocolate, Deep Plum & Noir (
left to right)
 Here's a single swatch of the shade Hot Chocolate:
icon __________________
This is described as a "rich, velvety formula that provides a high-shine finish."
  1. Glisten metallic shimmery beige (Maya Mia & Amrezy palette)
  2. Metallic metallic brassy gold (World Traveler palette)
  3. Emerald metallic rich forest green (Amrezy palette)

This is described as a "luminous formula that provides decadent color with a silk-like finish."
  1. 10K wheat gold
  2. Intense Gaze warm bronzed pink (World Traveler palette)
  3. Sangria -iridescent cranberry (Tamanna palette)
  4. Aubergine deep inky purple (Artist palette)
  5. Custom - lilac taupe gray (Tamanna palette)
This is described as a "light-reflective, finely-milled formula that provides a lustrous finish."
  1. Legend shimmer buttery gold with white reflect (Amrezy palette)
  2. Aqua shimmer light seafoam blue (Maya Mia palette)
  3. Truffle shimmer warm medium brown (Lavish palette)
  4. Gold Bar- shimmer cool yellow gold with pearl (Maya Mia Palette)
The shade Gold Bar isn't available at Sephora but can be purchased on ABH website.
Gold Bar
This is described as a "smooth formula with light-reflecting particles that provide a dazzling finish."
  1. Rich Velvet sparkle burgundy with silver sparkle
  2. Night Sky - black with silver sparkle
  3. Black Diamond - black with gold sparkle
This is described as a "weightless formula with a buttery texture and soft sheen."
Overall Impression
I love ABH eyeshadows! I do own a couple of palettes, so that's why I have all these shades. I would personally recommend getting limited-edition palettes. Some of the shades in those palettes may not be permanent but I find they are much better value. However, there are definitely few shades that I'm willing to buy in singles. Here are my top 10 favorite shades:
  1. Fresh (perfect matte brow bone shade)
  2. Bengal (transition)
  3. Morocco (crease) 
  4. Sienna (my favorite for the crease or to smoke lower lash)
  5. Glisten (perfect for highlight or eyelids)
  6. Wine (favorite eyelid shade)
  7. Sangria (beautiful cranberry shade that I like using on my crease)
  8. Chocolate (favorite shade for outer V)
  9. Deep Plum (beautiful deep purple shade for outer V)
  10. Noir (blackest eyeshadow I own; love using it to set eyeliner)
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Check out my tutorials featuring ABH eyeshadows:

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