Friday, 22 July 2016

Vanity Tour, Organizers & Mini Makeup Collection 2016

Products Mentioned
Vanity mirror is from Impressions Vanity. This is their Hollywood Glow XL Vanity Mirror in glossy white with dimmable clear globe bulbs.
The vanity table consists of two Alex Drawers placed on each side and Linnmon Table Top. I bought these items from Ikea and paid about $80 CAD each for Alex drawers and $20 CAD for Table Top, so I spent about $180 CAD in total.
Currently the acrylic organizer I'm using is by Posh Organizers. I won it in a giveaway last year and I love how it stores most of the makeup products I use a lot (primers, liners, lipsticks, concealers/correctors, etc). The first cup on left is a gift from my sister and I store all my Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. I place my lip liners and few ColourPop lippie stix in the teal cupholder that I got from Marshalls.
I have Trendmood X Zahra Beauty The Get Glam Tray in the middle of my vanity and this is where most of my favorite products are (foundations, bronzers, concealers, primers, palettes,etc). You can stack them on top of each other too but I like to use it this way because I have all my products laid in front of me, so it makes me easy to find the products I'm looking for.
CosmoCube Brush Holder is amazing for brushes but it can also be used to store liquid lipsticks or lip liners. I personally like to use it for my brushes.

 I love Sonny Cosmetics Alex organizer! It really helps me organize my blushes, bronzers and highlighters and it makes it so much easier to find the products I'm looking for. There are 42 slots and I usually place my highlighter palettes in the empty space that's there.
I store my lipsticks in Zahra Beauty Spinning Lipstick Tower, which holds 81 lipsticks. I like the place lipsticks with gold packaging on top. This is great since my lipstick collection is growing. Some of my favorite lipsticks are from MAC, Maybelline, Milani and NARS.
Here's a lipstick holder that holds 24 lipsticks and is more affordable. It's great if you don't own that many lipsticks but lipstick towers are better if you have a lot of lipsticks since it doesn't take up too much space. I have this lipstick holder available on my website ( for $10 CAD.
I also like to place my liquid lipsticks in a separate large acrylic muji case (2 drawers with lid)
I store most of my liquid lipsticks in one of the drawers Posh Organizers. I have all my Stila liquid lipsticks and ColourPop liquid lipsticks (most of them are deluxe size). I also have few Ofra liquid lipsticksNYX soft lip cream and Sephora Cream Lip Stain #13.

Here's a YouTube playlist of my lip swatches:

Saturday, 16 July 2016

ColourPop Dupes for Kylie Lip Kits

Check out my latest video for Kylie Lip Kits comparison with ColourPop Ultra Matte Lipsticks and dupes for Kylie Cosmetics Lipsticks.

Koko K
Closest Dupe: ColourPop Bianca
ColourPop Bianca is the closest dupe I found but it's slightly deeper than Koko K. I don't use Koko K on its own because I find it's lighter for my skin tone (MAC NC40-NC42). I usually mix it with another lipstick, so I wish I got with Bianca instead.
Here's how Koko K compares to ColourPop Bianca on the lips: 
Candy K
Closest Dupe: ColourPop Clueless & ColourPop Trap
It was hard for me to find a dupe for Candy K but the closest one is by mixing ColourPop Clueless and ColourPop Trap. I personally love the shade Candy K and I wear it a lot, so I'd personally stick with Candy K.
Here's how Candy K compares to ColourPop Clueless on its and by mixing it in with ColourPop Trap:

Dolce K
Closest Dupe: ColourPop Beeper
ColourPop Beeper isn't as brownish as Dolce K but it's still a very good dupe for it. I don't wear Dolce K too often, so it would have been better for me if I stuck with ColourPop Beeper.

Here are arm/lip swatches of Dolce K and ColourPop Beeper:

Posie K
Closest Dupe: ColourPop Clueless
ColourPop Clueless is slightly lighter but it can work for Posie KStila All Day Liquid Lipstick Patina or Sephora Marvelous Mauve #13 are more expensive than ColourPop but I find they're also great dupes for Posie K.

  • Here are arm/lip swatches of Posie K and ColourPop Clueless:

    True Brown K
    Closest Dupe: ColourPop Limbo
    ColourPop Limbo is warmer than True Brown K but it's hard to tell a difference on the lips. Out of all the Kylie Cosmetics Lipsticks that I've tried, I think True Brown K is the best in terms of formula. If you're looking for a lipstick with a similar shade to True Brown K, then definitely go for ColourPop Limbo but I prefer True Brown K because I really like the formula.
    Here are arm/lip swatches of True Brown K and ColourPop Limbo:

    Mary Jo K
    Closest Dupe: ColourPop Creeper
    Even though both of the shades are described as true blue red, I find Mary Jo K is more of a classic blue-toned red than ColourPop Creeper, which is brighter. However, it's still a good dupe for it.
    Here are arm/lip swatches of Mary Jo K and ColourPop Creeper: 

    I also decided to test out both of the shades and I found that after eating, both of the shades slightly faded off in the middle but Mary Jo K did come off more than ColourPop Creeper but I'm not sure if it's because I applied some more lipstick on top after it dried, so it became flakey. ColourPop Creeper does transfer though, so I'd definitely recommend a lip liner with it, which I usually do use anyway. 

    Kylie Lipsticks vs ColourPop Ultra Matte Lipsticks
    • Similarities
      • Size: Both lipsticks contain 0.11 oz of product
    • Differences 
      • Price: ColourPop lipstick retails for $6 USD, while Kylie Cosmetics Lipstick retails for $17 USD and Kylie Lip Kit retails for $29 USD (lipstick & lip pencil).
      • Formula: ColourPop feels slightly more drying and transfers more than Kylie Lipstick. Also, it's not as opaque as Kylie Lipstick.
      • Scent: Kylie Lipstick has a strong vanilla scent, while ColourPop is unscented.
    I have a video and blog post reviewing True Brown K & comparing it to ColourPop Limbo:
    I also have a video with lip swatches of all 6 shades (Koko K, Candy K, Posie K, Dolce K, True Brown K and Mary Jo K):

    Shade Reference: MAC NC42, Indian/Pakistani/Brown skin/tan skin

    Sunday, 10 July 2016

    June Boxycharm 2016 Unboxing

    Here's my June Boxycharm unboxing/first impressions video. Boxycharm is a monthly beauty subscription service that includes 4-5 full size beauty products every month worth over $100. It's $21 USD a month (free shipping to US and $5 to Canada). I paid about $35 CAD in total (including shipping and credit card conversion fee).

    Total Value in USD: $137.85

    Here are swatches of Ofra Lipstick shade Pasadena and Girlactik liner:

    Friday, 8 July 2016

    Get Ready With Me Eid 2016 ft. bh Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette

    Here's my Eid 2016 GRWM (makeup only) using bh cosmetics Carli Bybel palette. I wanted to keep my eye makeup simple. I like how it turned out but I wish I used another mascara that gave me more volume.
    Products Mentioned

    Sunday, 3 July 2016

    Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks Lip Swatches/Review

    Each lipstick retails for $24 CAD ($19 USD) and contains 0.22 oz of product, which is a lot more than many liquid lipsticks out there. 

    These are claimed to be long-wearing and pigmented lipsticks with matte finish. They're infused with Vitamin A, C and E for added hydration.
    It comes with a doe-foot applicator that makes it easy to apply.
    Shades Swatched
    Bow N Arrow - Fawn Nude
    This reminds me a lot of Kylie Lipstick in Dolce K. I don't wear this too often because I personally don't find it complements my skin tone that much. I prefer pairing it up with a darker lip liner. 

    Lolita - Dusty Rose
    This is my favorite out of all of them! I love it! I find it looks great on so many skin tones. Please note that this is slightly darker than the original Lolita that was released few years ago. That shade is supposed to come back and it will be called "Lolita OG." 

    Lolita II - Terra Cotta Nude
    At first I thought this would be the same shade as the original Lolita but it's not. I don't wear it as much as I wear Lolita but I still like it. 

    Double Dare - Cocoa Blush
    *Previously named as Rosemary's baby*
    This is a beautiful pinkish nude shade that I like wearing mostly in summer.

    Beloved - Soft Coral
    I do like the colour but I find that it doesn't apply evenly unlike most other shades.

    Susperia - Bright Lavendar
    This is one of my favorite purple shade especially for summer!

    Berlin - Warm Rose
    I like this shade but rarely reach out for it. I think it's because I got a deluxe sample of it, so it's always hidden somewhere in my collection. It's nice but I prefer Bachelorette, which is deeper. 

    Bachelorette - Dark Reddish Fuchsia
    I absolutely love this one!! It's this beautiful reddish/pink shade, which complements my deep skin tone.
    Outlaw - Brick Red
    This is a perfect red shade in my opinion. It's not too bright and it complements many skin tones. 

    Nosferatu - Blood Crimson
    This is deeper than Outlaw and I like wearing this more during fall/winter.

    Vampira - Deep Reddish Burgundy
    This is a beautiful red vampy shade and I like wearing this in fall/winter. I do find that it's harder to apply than other shades. I find that it's also a little patchy. The shade also reminds me a lot of MAC Diva Lipstick.

    Exorcism - Ripe Blackberry
    This deep berry shade is also a perfect vampy shade, which I mostly wear during fall/winter and I like pairing it up with MAC Vino lip liner because sometimes it might look patchy, so I just prefer applying a lip liner underneath and applying this on top.

    I love these liquid lipsticks! They're very pigmented, matte and long wearing (that's exactly what I look for in lipsticks).  
    Application: I love the doe foot applicator because it gives a precision and easy application. However, some of the shades (mainly the darker ones) can be harder to apply and patchy but I usually pair them up with lip liners. These do dry quickly, so you have to apply them fast. I've also mixed 2 shades together (my favorite combination is Exorcism and Outlaw). I try to layer the other shade right before the first one dries. Also, make sure to exfoliate and moisturize your lips to get a better application. 

    • Pigmented: These lipsticks are very pigmented! In just one swipe, you can cover most of your lips. 
    • Matte: These apply like a gloss but dry down to a matte finish. 
    • Long wearing: These last me at least 6 hours but these start to fade off mainly in center of my lips when I eat greasy/oil food. These last longer than many other liquid lipsticks that I've tried.
    • Fade away nicely: They fade away beautifully. By that I mean it doesn't leave a film around your lips like some lipsticks/glosses do. 
    • Little or no transfer: Once these liquid lipsticks dry out, there's barely any or no transfer at all. You won't have to worry about having lipstick on your teeth once they're completely dry.
    • Drying: These can feel drying and sometimes uncomfortable on the lips. I remember when I tried Lolita for the first time, I found it uncomfortable but then got used to the feeling. I never apply these without a lip balm.
    Swatch Centric
    Some of my friends and I created our on Instagram page called Swatch Centric. Over there, we will posting our makeup swatches and you can see how a certain shade looks on different skin tones. Over there we posted how some of the Kat Von D lipstick shades look on each of us.

    Shade Reference: MAC NC42, Indian/Pakistani/Brown skin/tan skin