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Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Palette - Rose Gold Edition

Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Palette - Rose Gold Edition retails for $65 USD ($83 CAD) and contains 0.63 oz of product in total (0.035 oz each). 
Here's my video with review, swatches and tutorial of the palette:
This palette includes 18 shades in different finishes: matte, chrome pressed pearls and 3D metal shades. 
The packaging is a bigger version of her lashes packaging (closeup of her eyes but with one of the shades featured).
As for the palette, the shades can be seen through a clear lid but there isn't a mirror. I like the fact that the palette is lightweight and great to travel with but I do feel like she could have a done a better job with the packaging especially for the price. 
There are 18 shades in total and they come in three different finishes: matte, chrome presssed pearls and 3D metal shades.
Photo with flash
3D Metal Eyeshadow Shades:
  1. Dubai - Smoky Bronze
  2. Fling - Sparkly Cranberry
  3. 24K - Lavish Gold
  4. Rose Gold - Rose Gold
  5. Trust Fund - Ritzy Copper
  6. Blessed - Vintage Gold
These don't really apply too well with brushes but it's recommended that you apply with fingertips. I actually really like this formula and my favorite is Rose Gold. Such a stunning shade!! 
Here are the swatches of all 3D Metal eyeshadows: 
Photo taken without flash
Photo with flash
Chromatic Pressed Pearls Eyeshadow Shades:
  1. Angelic - Sweet Pink with Gold Reflections
  2. Moon Dust - Astral Gold Illumination
These can be applied with a brush and my personal favorite is Moon Dust, which is perfect to highlight.
Here are swatches of pressed pearls shades: 
Photo without flash
Photo with flashes
These can be applied with a brush and you can apply them wet for a better color payoff. 
Photo with flash
Saturated Matte Eyeshadow Shades:
  1. Bossy - Bold Maroon Clay
  2. Flamingo - Dashing Pink
  3. Shy - Delicate Dusty Pink
  4. BAE - Cream-Colored Base
  5. Sandalwood - Earthy Deep Tan
  6. Maneater - Ruthless Mulberry
  7. Henna - Warm Reddish-Brown
  8. Coco - Bark Brown
  9. Suede - Smooth Transition Gray
  10. Black Truffle - Decadent Black
The matte shades are pigmented but I do feel like the formula could have been better. When I swatched them on my arm, some shades appeared patchy but on the eyes I had no problem blending them except for Bossy. That one is my least favorite from this palette. I also feel like the black eyeshadow isn't as intense as other black shadows other there (my favorite is Anastasia Beverly Hills Noir). However, the color selection of matte shades is great because these are the shades I reach out for a lot and I absolutely love Henna, Maneater and Coco for the crease or "outer v."
Swatches of all matte shades
Photo without flash
I really love a lot of the shades in this palette and this will be the palette I will most likely travel with because I can easily create daytime and nighttime looks with it. I like the variety of shades and finishes. I do find matte shades could have better but overall they do perform well. The palette is very lightweight and great to travel with but for the price, I feel like it could have been a little better.
Overall, I do really like this palette and find myself reaching out for it a lot, so personally it's totally worth it for me. I'd recommend it especially if you like most of the shades in here. 
  • Pigmented
  • Good shade selection
  • Lightweight palette
  • Travel-friendly
  • Formula of matte shades could have better
  • Expensive

Comparison with other palettes 
I was curious to see if this palette was worth the price, so I decided to compare it with some of the palettes out there.
Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Palette - Rose Gold Edition 
  • Price: $65 USD ($83 CAD) 
  • 0.63 oz
  • 18 shades

  • Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar
    • Price: $49 USD ($59 CAD)
    • 0.56 oz of product in total
    • 16 shades
    • This is a better value than Huda Beauty palette (you pay less and get almost same amount of product)

Looks created with this palette 
Here's a pictorial of one of the looks I created using this palette. I also featured it in my video. Click here to watch the tutorial.
1 Brow Bone: BAE
2 Transition: Sandalwood
3 Crease: Henna
4 Lid: Rose Gold
5 Crease: Maneater 
6) Outer v: Coco
7) I used Black Truffle to set liner and smoke out lower lashline
8) Inner corner highlight: Moon Dust

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