Friday, 3 February 2017

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks Swatches (12 shades)

Each lipstick retails for $20 USD ($26 CAD) and contains 0.17 oz (6.5 g) of product, which is a bit more than a lot of lipsticks out there that usually contain about 0.11 oz of product. I purchased mine from Sephora but they can also be purchased on Huda Beauty's website. 
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Check out my video for review and lip swatches of 12 shades: 

I love the packaging! It comes in a box that slides open just like her lashes do but the front is transparent so you can clearly see the lipstick and the shade is also featured on the lips. 
The shades along with their names are also featured on the sides of the boxes.
It comes with a doe-foot applicator that makes it easy to apply.
They're currently available in 16 shades but I swatched 12 of them (I'm missing Medusa, Video Star, Cheerleader and Gossip Girl). 
  1. Bombshell subtle pinkish nude
  2. Venus deep taupe-brown
  3. Trendsetter - brown nude
  4. Icon - peachy pink
  5. Flirt cheeky brown 
  6. Spice Girl an iconic 90s brownish mauve 
  7. Muse - muted rose
  8. Trophy Wife rose wood
  9. Material Girl - fierce plum
  10. Famous- chic burgundy
  11. Vixen - deep brown
  12. Heartbreaker - pinkish red

Bombshell - Subtle Pinkish Nude
Usually I do have to pair lip liners with nude lipsticks especially lighter shades to make it work for my skin tone but surprisingly I didn't have to do that with this one. It's such a beautiful shade!
Venus Deep Taupe-Brown
Unlike Bombshell, I do feel like I need a lip liner to pull this one off but I still like it. 
Trendsetter Brown Nude
I wear this one a lot! It's perfect everyday shade and looks great on my deeper skin tone.
Icon Peachy Pink
I'm in love with this one! It's so beautiful and works well on my skin tone as well.
Flirt - Cheeky brown
This one is my least favorite because I feel like it's a bit more cool-toned and I find it doesn't complement my skin tone if I were to use it on its own. However, I'm planning on pairing it up with a darker lip liner.
Spice Girl - iconic 90s brownish mauve
I really love this one!! It's such a gorgeous shade that I'd personally like to wear in fall/winter.
Muse - Muted Rose
This is a lovely shade. I can wear it on its own but I would prefer pairing it up with a lip liner. 
Trophy Wife - Rose Wood
This is one of my favorites. I'd definitely recommend this one to anyone because I feel like it would complement all skin tones. 
Material Girl - Fierce Plum
I don't own this one but my sister does, so she lent me hers for the swatch video. I like the shade but I don't think I will buy it because I have a similar shade in my collection and I do find it's a little harder to apply. It looks a bit patchy.

Famous - Chic Burgundy
I love burgundy shades and this one is no exception., I do feel like it's harder to get an even application with this one though.
Vixen - Deep Brown
This is a beautiful deep brown shade and it reminds me a lot of Kat Von D Vampira. I usually don't wear this on its own but instead I mix it with trendsetter and it just gives me a beautiful lip combination.
Heartbreaker - Pinkish Red
This is definitely my favorite! It's so beautiful and really complements my skin tone. It's a red lipstick with a hint of pink, which I love.
These have become one of my favorite liquid lipsticks because they're lightweightnon drying and comfortable on the lips unlike the Huda Beauty Lip Contour Pencils, which are drying. I find these are some of the least drying liquid lipsticks that I own. These last long on the lips (about 5-6 hours) but they start to slightly fade away towards the center when I eat. These lipsticks are pigmented but not as opaque as I wish they were. 
Application: These apply like a gloss but dry down to a matte finish in about 30 seconds. I just wish it was a bit more opaque because I felt like I had to build up the color but I like how I can build up the color or even mix in the lipsticks and I still get a smooth application. I also noticed there's this tingling sensation on lips when I apply these lipsticks but it goes away and doesn't irritate my lips.
Scent: These do have a scent to them, so keep that in mind especially if you are sensitive to products that are scented. Stila, Sephora and Kylie liquid lipsticks have similar vanilla scent to them but these have a different scent, which I can't really describe. 
  • Pigmented
  • Smooth and easy to apply These apply smoothly and evenly.
  • Matte: These apply like a gloss but dry down to a matte finish.
  • Lightweight 
  • Non Drying
  • Long Wearing : These last on my lips for 5-6 hours but they do slightly fade away. when I eat. However, I like how these fade away beautifully and don't leave a film on the lips.
  • Minimal transfer: These do slightly transfer even after being completely dry 
  • Not too opaque: I just wish these were more opaque  
Shade Reference: MAC NC40/NC42/Tan/Indian/Pakistani/Brown Skin
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  1. I love to use liquid lipsticks. Huda is my most favorite one. The formula and the quality are so good. Pigmented and so long-lasting. I love to use this. After doing my best make-up lesson London by Lina, I am trying out different kinds of brands and items to improve my skills. Huda was so far best for me and really good.