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New Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation Desert Beige Review

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation retails for $5.99 and contains 1oz of product. It's claimed to look good on camera with and without flash and give no flashback in photos. It's tested under 7 light conditions: clear blue sunlit sky, outdoors PM, Indoors PM, Electronic Flash, Fluorescent Light, Bathroom and Nightclub Light.

Here's my demo and review of Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation Desert Beige with 7-hour wear test: 
It comes with a spatula but I personally would have preferred a pump.
There are 20 shades to choose from. Click here for my shade reference blog post, where I list the MAC conversion shades and videos by other YouTubers for almost all shades. 
  1. Porcelain - Fair (warm)
  2. Shell Ivory - Fair (neutral) 
  3. Soft Ivory - Light (warm) 
  4. Nude Ivory - Light (neutral)  
  5. Rose Ivory - Light (cool) 
  6. Soft Beige - Light Medium (warm) 
  7. Buff Bisque - Light Medium (neutral) 
  8. Peach Natural - Light Medium (cool)
  9. Golden Beige - Medium (warm) 
  10. Cream Beige - Medium (neutral) 
  11. Bronze Beige - Medium Tan (warm)
  12. Classic Beige - Medium Tan (neutral) 
  13. Desert Beige - Medium Dark (warm)  
  14. Amber Beige - Medium Dark (neutral) 
  15. Caramel - Medium Deep (warm) 
  16. Toffee - Medium Deep (neutral) 
  17. Cocoa - Dark (warm) 
  18. Mocha - Dark (neutral)  
  19. Espresso Dark (cool) 
  20. Mahogany - Dark (cool)
I got the shade Desert Beige and I think I got the wrong undertone and probably should have gotten Amber Beige instead but when I apply the rest of my face makeup, it works out fine. I don't own any MAC foundation but I should be around NC40-NC42 in MAC. Click here for full list of foundations that I wear (I do update blog regularly).
Photo without flash
  • Finish: Matte 
  • Coverage: Medium to Full
  • Application: It applied beautifully with a beautyblender and I also noticed that if you use a primer, it gives you a smooth application. It sets fast, so if you try to build it up once it sets, i can easily end up looking cakey. 
  • Wear time: I tested it out for about 7 hours and it slightly faded away but still looked good. I have combination skin (oily t-zone) and I noticed I didn't get too oily with this foundation. However, I'd still recommend setting it if you have oily skin and you might need to touch up during the day depending on how oily your skin is. 
  • Skin type: I think this would work great for people with normal or oily/combination skin. If you have dry skin, it could cling on dry patches but I still you can make it work if you use a primer and blend it with beautyblender.

Overall, I think it's a good foundation especially if you oily/combination skin. It looks good on camera and doesn't give me a flashback in photos. I find it's lightweight and lasts throughout the day without making me look too oily. It does slightly fade away though. I prefer applying it with beautyblender because it gives me a flawless, smooth application whereas the brush can easily make me look cakey and clings on dry patches. 
Photo with flash
MAC NC40/MAC NC42/Indian/Pakistani/Brown/Deep/Tan Skin

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