Foundation Shade Reference

I know it can be hard to find the right foundation shade sometimes, so I've decided to create this blog post with list of foundations with MAC Shade Reference, so hopefully you can find the right match for your skin tone.

If you click on each foundation, you can see the list of shades with corresponding MAC shades and photos/videos of individuals, so you can get an idea of how the shade looks on them. I will keep updating this blog post.
I also have a blog post of foundations are good match my skin tone (MAC NC40), so if you have similar skin tone, then you can check out that blog post to see the list of foundations I wear.
Here's one of the latest YouTube foundation reviews. Click here for my foundations playlist!


  1. This is so helpful! Would you make one of the Wet n Wild photo focus foundation?

    1. thank you!! <3 Yesss it should be up on Wednesday :D

  2. Can you do a foundation review on Giorgio Armani luminous silk?

  3. What do you prefer on a daily basis? Which one is your quick go to/ on the go foundation?

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  5. Hi Arzan/Nazra! Can you please try out Absolute New York foundations and do a shade guide for that and let us know what tone you are over there and so people can get a decent idea of the shades in general? Absolute New York is drugstore makeup and I've never heard of them before till this year and only recently have checked out their insta, so I think they're pretty new. The salesgirl over here said the stuff is made in the same factory and same way as Nyx but I'm not sure.

    But yeah as a desi gal who still can't figure out what their MAC shade exactly is (NC42 seems too yellow, NW40 is too red/orange), I've found my match in Absolute New York HD powder foundation in Honey Beige and I don't know what any of it's equivalent is in other brands and especially MAC. This brand is pretty affordable and caters to desi skintones quite well so please help us desi girls out here. Love your stuff, can't wait to see more of it!

  6. My skin tone is very similar to yours. Could you do something like this with concealers? I have a hard time finding the right shade!

  7. This post seems really helpful for me! Recently I did my makeup classes London , she trains best make-up lesson by Lina Cameron . But, I am new in this makeup line. I am willing to purchase Fenty beautB foundation. Can you suggest me which shade will be best for NC30 ?